No league Bowls this week as the Nationals are on at Quesada, so perhaps it would be a good opportunity to talk about the requirements of the club.

The grounds of course are privately owned and maintained but the green cleaning, equipment, league entry monies etc are all down to the membership which then comes down to the committee and perhaps the most unsung member of that is the social secretary.

Keeping members happy and trying to make money is never easy.  Our main sources at present seem to be race nights, quiz nights and table top sales.

When I was a kid these were called bring and buy sales and this still holds good today.  The table top is by far our best source of income, with the advantage of bringing monies in from outside of the club members.

Our next table top sale is Saturday Morning 28th May, so please enter the date in your diary along with your loose change and check those cupboards, wardrobes and under builds for items we can sell.

Let’s see if we can reward Loritta (and her helpers) for all their hard work and make this one the most successful ever.