On monday morning the Buckskins were playing at Country Bowls and had a good friendly match with all rinks being very close, with Country Bowls taking the rinks by 3-2, all the rinks could have gone either way.

Country bowls also took the overall shots by 83-77, a good away result for the Buckskins. Brian Gilham, Pam Harris and Brian Harris 14-18. Dolly Ford, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 15-14. Sheila Cox, Malc Sykes and Mike Cox 16-17.

Sheila Millward, Ron Greenstreet and Jim Eastwood 20-18. David Baker, Peter Blackburn and Keith Longshaw 12-16.

Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com