It was wonderful last week to see club representatives doing battle on the green and also, finally having the chance to meet up with other friends/ fellow bowlers (once we’d lifted our masks to verify the face!!). Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Valencian Championships; just to survive the very hot conditions was an achievement for the players, markers & umpires.

I have to admit I was more than happy to sit in the shade, feeling the breeze and watch the semi finals & finals. For the spectators we had the excitement of watching some great cat & mouse games with some real oohs! & aahs! moments, as befits a Championship tournament.

Scott Malden was our sole surviving participant and after beating Colin Lindgren (EI) in the semi-final, he came up against Peter Morgan (Q) who was defending his Men’s Singles title. Scott put up a good fight, with shots changing back & forth and some excellent draw bowling from both. But in the end, Peter came through to take an amazing 3rd consecutive win.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control our 3 day Open Mixed Triples competition, which should be happening now, had to be cancelled. But after recent weeks of friendlies, internal team matches & getting to know our new members better, we are all looking forward to actually getting on the green in real league matches.

We have teams entered in the Monday (South Alicante), Friday (Southern) leagues + the Wednesday Winter League (which involves Northern teams as well). If you’re interested you can come along & watch on match days, join in on a Saturday morning with the “Chicken Drive” or speak with Club Captain: June Jones: 691903773 email: for more information or to arrange coaching. There is a range of membership fees for 12, 7 or 3 months.

We’re a friendly group & our Social Sec. (Dee) is gradually extending our social activities as we look forward to Christmas.

Obviously, although many people are “double-jabbed” Covid is still an ongoing issue; so there are protocols to follow – which may vary slightly from club to club. All we can do is take care of ourselves & the people around us and enjoy the opportunity to play, which we hope will continue all through the season.

Sheila Cammack