Emerald Isle Bowls Club with Elwyn Morris
Emerald Isle Bowls Club with Elwyn Morris

Monday morning saw the Neptunes play Greenlands Sycamores at home and they won 12-2 aggregate 113-71, winning trips were R Adams M Petty M Breen 28-10, M Shatwell L Fisher G Shatwell 20-11, C Ayling C Warner J Mullarkey 25-20 L Hawkins E Morris B Smith 16-14

Greenlands conceded a trip as they did not have full team.

Mon Afternoon the Titans took on Vistabella Albatrosses at home and slipped to a 6-8 defeat aggregate of 92-104, winning trips were C Parsons K Jolliffe D Gerrard 18-16, S Wickens P Willicott I Brewster 18-17, C Thomas M Parsons J Mulloy 14-13

The Moonrakers travelled to San Luis Trekkers and lost 2-12 aggregate 72-157. The winning trip was G Dyer E Brookes T Kelly 21-13

The winter league saw La Marina visit the Emerald Isle and the home team came out on top by 10-2 aggregate of 105-58, winning rinks were M Whitelock J Pooley J Rimmer C Lindgren 33-7, P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett I Brewster 21-7, P Coffey E Morris R White A M Stevenson 23-16, C Thomas M Veale M Stacey J Mulloy 18-13

The Cavaliers were at home on Friday against MonteMar Matadors and the result was a good win for Cavaliers 12-2 aggregate 139-79. The winning trips were  C Donnallen D Birkett J Rimmer  35-10  D Jones J Pooley C Lindgren 25-11  M Veale R White A M Stevenson 21-12, S Wickens S Johnson M Stacey 20-12 M Riley G Odell J Mulloy 22-15

Friday took the Claymores to San Miguel Cougars and the Claymores came away with a fine 11-3 aggregate 117-89, winners were L Burns D Rhodes A Burns 28-9, C Ayling C Warner J Mulloy 23-8,,M Shatwell L Fisher G Shatwell 19-17, R Adams M Petty M Breen  13-12, S Kavanagh E Morris B Kavanagh drew 20-20