Titans started the week playing La Marina Pathfinders and they had a good win 9-3 Aggregate of 119-62, N Davis N Prior D Gerrard 32-8, M Veale G Wallis C Lindgren 30-8, S Verity Jo Pering Julian Pering 23-11, P Heaney G Odell B Kavanagh drew 15 all

Neptunes travelled to El Rancho Pintos and had a fine 10-2 Aggregate of 101-68 win, C Thomas S Ellis B Eldred 26-6, M Oakley M Ellis J Pooley 29-19, M Riley R Pollock R White 17-12, S Johnson C Wilson P Willicott 17-14

Moonrakers took on Greenlands Beech and were beaten 4-8 Aggregate of 82-86, D Clark J Ball K John 24-17, E Shepherd  J Sayers  B Smith 19-15

Cavaliers were playing San Luis Lions and weret beaten 4-8 Aggregate of 76-81, N Prior M Dyer A M Gerrard 28-13, D Jones M Munro C Lindgren 20-14

Claymores played at La Siesta Blues and were beaten 2-10 Aggregate of 72-93, M Riley R Pollock R White 22-17

Outlaws were up against San Luis Tigers and lost 2-10, Aggregate of  72-115  A Gower J Speedie J Macgregor 21-11

Emerald Isle hosted the Highjackers on Tuesday and home advantage came out on top with Isle winning the game

April 2nd Les McCracken trips Tournament – contact Elwyn Morris on elwynlmo@gmail.com for information.