On Sunday 14th, San Luis played their Premier 20 Knockout match v Greenlands. As expected all the matches were hard fought, with some close results but Greenlands eventually came out on top. Well done to San Luis winners: Pairs (away) June & Keith Jones 17-15, Pairs (home) Caroline & John Smyth 16-13, Rinks (home) Dee Hoey, Mary Lockley, Barbara Louis, Bob Bromley 20-15.


South Alicante League: Monday 15th SL Klingons had an excellent result at home v Country Bowls Flamingos; points 11-1, shots 113-63. Winners: Jan Pocock, Tricia & Pat Reilly 22-8, Neil & Sandra Burrows, Dave Webb 23-10, Margaret & Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 29-13, Dee Hoey, June & Keith Jones 19-19, Janet Webb, Mike Veale, Caroline Smyth 20-13.


SL Romulans & SL Vulcans, shared the points 6-6, Romulans took the shots 88-78. Romulans winners: Catherine & Noel Morrisroe , Barbara Louis 26-9, Judy Carroll, Gordon Paton, Dave Blackie 32-13. The Romulans unfortunately could not field a full team, giving the Vulcans 2 points & 10 shots. Vulcans winners: Lesley & Wayne Howlett, David Whitworth 28-17, Jim Gwyn, Ken Stringfellow, Maxine Wright, 18-13.


SL Trekkers had a great result away v San Miguel Marlins, winning 10 points-2, shots 101-81. Well done: Joy & Brian Gardiner, Jean Cooper 24-23, Mary & Phil Lockley, Bob Bromley 25-6, Chris Jackson, Ralph Jones, Vic Mahomet 23-19, Stuart Wilson, Jane Hamill, Jim Gracie 18-11.


Winter League: San Luis were at home to Benitachell, taking 6points-4, shots 73-59. Winners: Cathy Morrisroe, Bill Webb, Noel Morrisroe, Scott Malden 25-10, Neil Burrows, Kath Reid, Sandra Burrows, Ian Kenyon 17-12.


Southern League: Friday 19th SL Lions had a close fought match away v La Marina Sharks, points 6-6, shots 85-75. Winners: Neil & Sandra Burrows, Dave Webb 23-9, Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 22-7.


SL Tigers were away v Quesada Swans and had a tough workout, finishing 2 points-10, shots 61-98. Winners: Sheila Cammack, Mike Edwards, Florence Murphy 14-13.


SL Pumas also had a very hard time at home v Greenlands Elms, although some of the games were close, the Pumas came away with 2points-10, shots 75-82. Winners: Lesley & Wayne Howlett, David Whitworth 30-6. SL Leopards; BYE.


If you want to find out more; come & try out OPEN roll ups on Saturday (9:30/10:00) & Chicken/egg comp on Wednesday (1:30/2:00). Make new friends and have Fun!!

Sheila Cammack