The week started superbly, as Lancasters posted a fine 12-0 home victory over Greenlands Gladiators in the South Alicante summer league Hurricane div.  Wins on all 5 rinks for these blues shirted bowlers – S Johnston, R Lewin, A Johnston 33-6. I Everett, S Hibberd, A Reid 32-6. C Bowles, D Gould, P Bradbury 19-11. C Lowry, S Jakeman, K Lowry 15-11. J Cleal, P & B Rees 20-16.

Not to be outdone, Blenheims also had a victory last Monday.  Wins for these 3 rinks over at Emerald Isles, ensured an 8-4 victory against the Vulcans – M Highland, B Elliott, T Voisey 24-18. C Highland, C Brazier, P Farrell 19-14. G Kershaw, M France, J Pitt 19-16.  They only went and did it again 3 days later, in their rearranged match at San Miguel.  This time, 2 wins and a draw, were enough to beat the Moors 7-5.  Well done – M Highland, T Morgan, T Voisey 25-7. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 23-17.  G Kershaw, B Elliott, J Pitt 15-15.

Although bad weather put paid to Wednesday’s VCL matches, Tigers did manage to fit in their rearranged home match against San Luis Hawks the day before.  A Reid won his mens singles 21-4, also C & K Lowry won their pairs match 23-2. Thanks to these emphatic victories, overall shots of 73-70 went Quesada’s way, meaning that a score of 6-6 was the final outcome.