La Marina Bowls Club
La Marina Bowls Club

It’s been a long, horrible winter and I did not think I would have anything to report until next season.  The club however is open for minimal play and Don has managed to arrange Club Competitions Semi-finals for 5 consecutive Wednesdays.

And if they all turn out like this Wednesday, they will be something to watch.

We watched Mo Kidd & Barbara Forshaw take on Anne Stone & Carol Smith and what a game.  I will only comment on the last 3 ends, the 16th finished Mo & Barb 13,  Anne & Carol 12 and on the 17th Anne & Carol picked up 4 to go 16-13 up.  That 17th end can so often be so defining and a game changer.

Anne lead the 18th and finished 3 inches from the jack, a real game winner with Mo & Barb needing at least 3.  Barb followed with her first and finished 3 inches from the Jack a fabulous reply but still only 2nd.   Big decisions now for Anne and Carol, ring the head or surround the Jack to stop the 3 score.

The game developed so that on Mo’s final wood of the game she was 1 up to a crowded jack and with the head evenly spaced.  She came into the head with a yard of running, connected perfectly with a result of holding 2, measure for 3, and won the measure.  Extra end required, Carol won the toss and gave the mat away to keep the last wood.

To be fair the head was pretty mediocre with nothing really close, that was until Carol’s penultimate wood when she drew to within 6 inches a real game winning shot and so it proved.  WELL DONE ALL and I can’t wait for next week.

Dave Hadaway