Titans started the week with a visit to Vistabella Albatrosses and they had a great 12-0, aggregate of 115-66 win, N Prior Jo Pering Julian Pering 25-11, P Heaney G Odell D Mooney 26-12, D Jones M Ellis B Kavanagh 23-18, N Davis S Elvin M Dyer 21-15 S Kavanagh S Marks R Marks 20-10

Moonrakers were at San Miguel Stingrays and had a bad day losing 0-12 Aggregate of 71-109

Explorers travelled to Greenlands to take on the Gladiators and suffered a 2-8 Aggregate 59-85 defeat, S Kavanagh M Hartley R White B Kavanagh 22-15

Cavaliers played away at San Miguel Navajos and they got a good 6-6 Aggregate 84-80, M Oakley K Jolliffe I Grimshaw 22-12, D Jones M Ellis B Kavanagh 21-12

SAPS takes place at 13-15 on Saturday. Two hours of bowling, coaching, shoes, bowls supplied. Bar open