Monday morning found the Raiders playing at home against Greenlands Chestnuts and put in a fine performance against a tough opponent in taking a rink and losing another by just one shot.

In the afternoon, the Pintos were at home to San Miguel Alsations and held their own in a tight match with both teams taking 2 rinks and 70 overall shots, a good afternoon’s fun all round.

On Friday morning the Mustangs entertained the Geckos from Country Bowls, on a very wet mat after a late start to allow the mat to dry out a little more. The captains selected the rinks that held the least water and played the trial ends at 1015 and decided to play. The outer rinks were the driest and halfway through the match began to play almost normally, whilst rink 2 and probably 7 were holding more water and hence more difficult to play. Both teams entered into the spirit of the game and enjoyed the challenge, with the Mustangs taking one rink and the Geckos three and the overall shots. Sheila Cox Malc Sykes and Mike Cox 17-13. Brian Harris, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 12-18. Lesley Day, Ngaio Baldwin and Pete Baldwin 5-31. Ann Taylor, Pam Harris and Bob Day 7-48.

In the afternoon the Broncos were away to La Siesta Silvers playing in cold windy conditions. Three of the four rinks were very close matches, but alas the Broncos came away with one drawn rink, a good effort overall though. Sheila Millward, Dave Haynes and Jim Eastwood 14-19. John Henry, Janet Wright and David Wright 12-16. Adrian Ham, Dolly Ford and Marion Haynes 14-14. David Baker, Judy Foley and Ron Greenstreet 14-18.

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