La Marina Bowls Club with Dave Hadaway
La Marina Bowls Club with Dave Hadaway

Cast your mind back to Friday 11th November and we suffered thunder storms that made bowling impossible.  Travel forward to 2pm and our Seagulls travelled to Quesada where they played in almost perfect conditions.  This resulted in some very tight games where the Seagulls lost the overall game with a score 5-7 and the shot difference being the decider which Quesada won 86-84.  Congratulations go to our top winning rink of Desna Lowe, Norman Ship and Garth Slater with a score of 22-12.


The Sharks morning re-arranged game for Tuesday 22nd Nov.


Monday 14th our Explorers were away to El Rancho’s Pinto’s with a very satisfactorily results of 9-3, the shot difference was 83-77 in our favour.  Our top winning trip being Anne Stone, Jim Reeves, and Shirley Hadaway with a score of 21-14.


At home our Pathfinders played La Siesta Appollos and finished with a creditable draw of 6 points each, a creditable score because we played with a rink short, that automatically concedes 2 points and 10 shots.


Halfway through our Birds League and they have all migrated until 2023.  So here are our latest results.  Which leaves the Puffins league leaders with 21 points and a superb shot difference of 28,  The result were Puffins 4 v Sparrows 2,  Eagles 4 v Magpies 2.  Swans 6 v Robins 0.


Friday the 18th some finish in a blaze of glory and some finish in rain falling like stair rods – that exactly what happened to the Sharks in their visit to San Miguel in both cases.  We came away winning 9-3 and at San Miguel I think we consider that a blaze of glory.  The shot difference was 89-61 in our favour and our top trip was Anne Stone, Jim Reeves and Peter Parsons winning 21-10.


At home the Seagulls played the Claymores from Emerald Isle, and came out on the wrong side of 8-4, a shame because the shot difference was only 5 shots -67-72 and our two winning trips were Desna Lowe, Dave McGaw and Garth Slater 16-14 and Audrey Birch, Norman Ship and Alex Morrice 20-


Dave Hadaway