We are very pleased to be  up and running again, even with  the restrictions we endure to keep us all safe, playing the game we love. Hopefully even more rules will be relaxed soon enabling everyone to return to normality, or near to it.

Guess we will never be fully back to old days

We are bowling  on our usual Roll Up days of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays where visitors are more then welcome to come and join us

And on Saturdays we have resumed the old favourite of many, SAPS. This is when anyone can just turn up and for 5 Euros get 2 hours of bowling with tuition if needed and also shoes and bowls are available, so just turn up and enjoy. At present this happens at 1pm on Saturdays, great fun for all.

The club is running some internal comps to keep us busy and when the borders are re opened we will welcome back all our bowling friends from Murcia, forgotten what they look  like been so long? We will then complete the club internal championships,,

And for all those members that are locked away in other countries, lets hope you all return soon and get bowling again.

Unfortunately the Nationals and Champion of Champions are both cancelled this year but lets hope we soon see them returning.

The Emerald Isle complex is now fully opened again with Food and entertainment on, under new rules of course.

The bowling section will welcome all new members who wish to join us ready for, hopefully, a fully reinstated league season that, all being well, will resume in September or October, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We are hosting a Fund raising Open Pairs game on Sunday, May 23rd to raise monies for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal so do look out for invites to play in your club notices.

The Leader Newspaper has very kindly sponsored this game so come along and support a great cause even, if you are not playing, all welcome.

Of course during this very hard year we have endured we wish all those who have been ill  a full recovery and lets hope that you are all fit again and raring to go.

And to all those Bowling friends who have left us during these very trying times, our condolences go to all the families and friends.