Rightly or wrongly I’ve gone back to spend Christmas with the family and it proved very easy to travel and social distance.  Believe me it is easy to spend two weeks in isolation in England and I have no real desire to go outside.

Don however has sent me the competition results, without seeing the games I can tell there was some great games again.  We have four competitions at the quarter-final stage so if nothing else this pandemic has made a lot of space to bring the competitions along.


Pensioners Urn.

Don Fowkes 21, Mike Smith 13, Alex Whyte 21 Dave Mcgaw 15, Tom Spencer 21 Mo Kid 14 and Pete Parsons had a walk over.

Ladies singles

Lesley Joynes 21 Janet  Parsons 18,  Sue Daniels 21  Marion Fryatt 6, Irene Mangun 21 Carol Smith 4, Mo Kidd  went through last week against Martha to give us our 4th semi finalist.

Men’s singles.

Alex Whyte 21 Alex Morrice 14, John Rae 21 Terry Perchard 7,  Peter Parsons 21 Len Daniels 12, Dave Mcgaw 21 Mike Smith 20.

Men’s pairs.

Len Daniels and John Rae 18, Pete Parsons and Don Fowkes 17, Garth Slater and Steve Syddel 15,  Dave Joynes  and Alex Smith 11,  Phil Pape and Mike Stone 18, Dave O’sullivan and  Alex Morrice 17,  Alex Whyte and Tom Spencer 21  Reg Jackson and Dave Mcgaw 10.

Good luck to the winners thank you all for entering.

The Barclays Winter League is now at halfway and the return fixtures will start in January with much anticipation, and finally, me and my much cherished PA wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all our readers.