A very much reduced Nationals are over and our congratulations go to our Ladies and Gents singles winners, Lisa Bonsor, Terry Morgan who get the chance to represent Spain in New Zealand this November and the very best of luck to both of them.

Monday 10th and the Harrier Division resumed with our visit to La Siesta Hornets, where indeed we did get stung, we came away with 3 points, thanks to Mo Kidd, Cliff Rawlingson and Garth Slater’s win of 24-17, and Dave Joynes, Jan and Pete Parsons drawing 17 shots each.  Overall the score was 3-9 with a shot difference of 78-94 in the Hornets favour.

Wednesday 18th and we travelled to San Miguel and earned an honourable 6 points each. Strangely enough both our pairs and triples won 25-10 to secure 4 points and our Men’s singles only lost by two shots and our rink by only 1.  Helping to secure a overall shot difference of 90-79 and a further 2 points.  3 shots got Sam Miguel 4 points just proving again that every shot counts.

Dave Hadaway