In the South Alicante league, Pearls visited La Siesta to play Apollos last Monday.  These 3 winning rinks contributed to a well-deserved 8-2 victory for Enterprise divisions current leaders – B Trinder, V Campbell, A Linley 26-9. C Brazier, T Morgan, P Morgan 17-9. G Phillips, M France, J Prokopowycz 32-14.

Diamonds had a home fixture against Emerald Isles Moonrakers in the Discovery division.  They too recorded a fine 8-2 score line, courtesy of these 3 trips – A Benson, P Farrell, G Skinner 30-11. D Benson, B Elliott, S Cooper 27-11. P Rees, B Armstrong, B Rees 31-6.  A short journey to Greenlands beheld Rubies, who did battle against Beech.

Although it finished 2 winning rinks apiece, Beech just nicked it on total shots, making the score 6-4 to the hosts.  Well done to Rubies successful 2 trips – I Everett, V Slater, P Bradbury 21-13. S Johnston, B & L Miller 24-12.

Due to an unfortunate administrative error, Swallows Southern league match at Emerald Isles was awarded to the Cavaliers.  Swans continued their fine run of form, by beating Emerald Isles Claymores 7-3.

Winning on 2 and drawing on 1 rink, was down to this little lot – G Kershaw, A Linley, B Armstrong 24-8.  S & D Barnes, T Voisey 26-7. A Bowen, P & B Rees 16-16.

Finally, to complete last Friday’s action, Swifts were in action at Greenlands against Elms.  Bizarrely, although Swifts lost on 3 rinks, Elms failed to field a 4th rink, therefore a default score of 10-0 was enough to give Swifts overall shots of 52-51.

So, without winning a rink, Swifts came away picking up 4 points, whilst the hosts claimed 6 (although they were subsequently docked 2 for failing to field a full team).