On Tuesday 10th we enjoyed playing against the very friendly Plympton BC Touring team. It was another warm day, which some of the visitors, playing their first match here, found difficult – as well as our shorter, artificial outdoor carpet and heavier jacks. However they kept fighting back right to the end & improving. Although we won the matches (4 rinks & 2 trips) 5-1, and the overall shots, it was played in a good spirit and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday 11th saw our Winter League team travel north to Benitachell, and after a close battle they came away with 6 points-4, 66 shots-61. Well done to: Catherine Morrisroe, Bill Webb, Noel Morrisroe, Scott Malden 17-13, Jane Hamill, Sandra Burrows, Stewart Hamill, Ian Kenyon 22-5.

Friday 13th & the start of the Southern League; SL Lions were away v Quesada Swallows. It was a close fought game; 2 wins & a draw each but the Lions won the shots 98-88 for 7 points-5. Well done winners: Neil & Sandra Burrows, Dave Webb 24-13, Jan Pocock, June & Keith Jones 30-11, Margaret & Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 20-20.

SL Tigers had a BYE.

SL Leopards were at home v SL Pumas and it’s never easy to play against other friends and club members. The Leopards came out on top 111 shots – 52, 11 points-1. Well done to the winners: Les Bedford, Ngaio & Peter Baldwin 21-7, Judy Carroll, Gordon Paton, David Blackie 28-14, Catherine & Noel Morrisroe, Barbara Louis 26-5, Peter Ayres, Lyndon Johnson, John Skipper 20-20, Pauline Johnson, Kevin McKenna, Derrick Cooper 16-6. Well done also to the Pumas point scorers: Lesley & Wayne Howlett & David Whitworth 20-20.

So that’s the first week over, for better or worse, a chance for new teams to settle and play together; here’s to a successful season.

Sheila Cammack