Friday 13th saw the start of our new season, and we were at home to the Emerald Isle, ideal bowling conditions led to the following result:-

Barbara Forshaw, John Morgan, Alex Whyte                 18 each

Janet Parsons, Jean Fowkes, Don Fowkes                     09-25

Margaret McLaughlin, Alan Birch, Peter Parsons            09-19

Anne Stone, Norman Ship, Margaret Finlayson             25-10

Maureen Kidd, Shirley Hadaway, Garth Slater    w/over 10 -0


Giving us a result of 5 points each for the game, and losing the overall shots by 1 shot, 71-72.  A unfortunate result for us but a very promising start to the season.


This week we will be playing both Monday and Friday, so the season will be fully underway, plus we have a touring side from UK on Wednesday which is always pleasurable.


The birds were also flying this week, but last week spectacular flight of the Penguins led to a very heavy landing going from 100% win to a 100% loss.  Too early yet for league tables, perhaps next week we will be able to show one.