Vistabella Bowls with Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls with Brian Zelin

Vistabella Bowls Report with Lynne Bishop.

Monday SAL ENTERPRISE LEAGUE. The Albatrosses entertained the La Marina Explores who consider Vistabella to be their second home…the Albatrosses managed to win the game 10-4. Well done to the teams of S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 24-11. L Bishop, B Norris & K Cuthbert 25-13. S Whitehall, S Norris & E Bishop 20-18. L Watkins, S Burrows & P Whitehall 16-15. Shots, VB 117 – 98 LM.

The Drivers did even better at home v San Miguel Pulsars, with wins across the board for a fabulous 14-0 victory.

D Leggatt, B Ray & G Thorpe 24-11. A Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 22-12. F Barclay, B Corbishly & J Neve 20-18. S Jenkins, D Howard & Pat Rafferty 23-17. Pauline Rafferty, D Gunning & L Barber 24-14. K Hardy, P Ray & B Ewart 20-14.

Shots, VB 133 – (0) SM. A pat on the back for everyone.

VOYAGER LEAGUE Eagles swooped down upon Mazarron Bowls club for their game against the Mariners, which concluded with a draw, well done to S Guy, M Irwin & T French 23-11. P Tomkins, R Hudson & Penny Tomkins 21-11. S Dibble, K Rennison & R Pownall 16-14 and R Savage, K Savage & A Kendall 14-14. Shots, VB 96(7) – 97 7 M.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE div A Albatrosses were away at Quesada against the Swallows, both winning on three rinks, the long game was won by the home team. L.Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 23-13. O Ratcliffe, A Brown & M Furness 18-14. S Whitehall, SJ Broadhurst & B Dunn 18-17. Shots, VB 95(6) – 111(8) Q.

The Picadors at home v EL Rancho Mustangs had wins on five rinks…a great win. K Hardy, L Barber & C Thorpe 27-6. A Leggatt, B Ray & B Pointon 27-13. D Leggatt, D Howard & Pat Rafferty 17-14. P Rafferty, P Ray & J Neve 17-15. F Barclay, Mo Foulcer & Martin Foulcer 20-19. Shots, VB 121(12) – 82(2) ER.

Div C Conquistadores also at home v Greenlands Cedars, they won two games and drew another. R Smith, D Harwood & J Harwood 21-8. S Guy, M Irwin & T Trench 17-13 and P Tomkins, R Hudson & Penny Tomkins 13-13. Shots, VB 87(5) – 98(9) G.

This weeks WINTER LEAGUE was cancelled due to rain and as been re arranged for Saturday 9th December.