On monday, yet another season started with the effects of brexit still affecting bowler numbers, but I am sure we will have some good games and fun. Though we will be glad to get our arms swinging and the bowls going where intended, certainly I had few of those today.

The rink took a little getting used to, as you would expect, though some seemed to cope a little better, I did however enjoy the occasion. We did however come away from playing the Orcas at San Miguel without a point though some rinks were reasonably close. Dolly Ford, Ann Abbott and Marion Haynes 16-18.

Sheila Millward, Tony Abbott and Jim Eastwood 12-19. Kevin Henry, Malc Sykes and Diane Yates 6-23. Chris Ziepe, John Ziepe and Dave Haynes 11-16. Judy Foley, Ron Greenstreet and Henry Ryder 10-29.

Wednesday found our winter league team playing Vistabella at home, a new experience for the club providing more playing opportunity for our bowlers, El Rancho took one rink against Vistabella’s two rinks and the overall shots, not a bad day’s bowls.

Frances Johnson, Bill Johnson, Diane Yates and Keith Longshaw 16-14. Sheila Millward, Ron Greenstreet, Rob Clark and Jim Eastwood 14-28. Sheila Cox, Pam Harris, Brian Harris and Mike Cox 13-20.

On Friday the Mustangs were at home to La Marina Seagulls and put in a good performance, taking two of the five rinks.

A decent start to the season. Chris Ziepe, Pam Harris and John Ziepe 24-8. Sheila Cox, Brian Harris and Mike Cox 15-20. Frances Johnston, Sue Ziepe and Steve Ziepe 8-19. Bill Johnston, Judy Foley and Henry Ryder 22-18. Sheila Millward, Kevin Henry and Jim Eastwood 12-22.

Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com