L to R Felicity Jenkins

On Tuesday 17th April, the first real hot day of the year so far, JGBC Captain, Felicity Jenkins, held her annual fundraising day for a charity of her choice. This year it was The Parkinson’s Group of Help of Denia. 

A total of sixty members, plus some club sponsors, and some friends, signed up to a new idea of a bowlathon,  effectively keeping the bowls moving in games throughout the day from 10am to 10pm.

We all saw the light that day!!!!  We began in bright sunlight and ended under floodlights in the starlight and moonlight???

Each participant was encouraged to find sponsors to finance their efforts for as many hours as each person thought they could manage.

This resulted in a great fun event which not only attracted many spectators, but also some people who turned up wanting to take part or just donate.

No-one was turned away and a great time was had by one and all.

Even some ancient lost property was sold for a few euros, with a beanie hat being sold three times!! going up in price each time??

Kind people even bought some of Felicity’s´ canal boat art to add to the coffers.

After the sun went down, owner Brian Taylor turned on the floodlights and a hardy few finished the day bowling in the moonlight and starlight.

A prize was on offer for the person who raised the most money from sponsorship. A 2 litre bottle of red wine and a unique hand painted coffee pot (courtesy of Felicity) was presented to Joe Schulein, who raised a magnificent amount of 450 euros. He obviously has generous friends with whom to share the wine, or coffee?

The fantastic final amount of 1700 euros was presented to Pat Lee Patten, organiser and treasurer Peter Sainsbury, of the Parkinsons´ Group, who explained that the money was heaven sent as they wished to provide the group with Neurological Rehabilitation Physiotherapy and had been trying to work out how to fund it.

This money will now be enough to provide that facility.

An enormous thankyou from Felicity goes to everyone who was part of such a successful, day, and another massive thankyou  from the Parkinsons´ group who rely entirely on donations and do such great work for those that suffer from this disease, and their carers.

Text by Felicity Jenkins, photo Jonathan Barr