Friday the 17th saw the last round of 12 weeks fierce competition, 49 players in total took part and 11 were in the prizes. Players needed to attend at least 6 times from the 12 weeks to qualify for prizes, we ended the competition with 24 “Qualified” players. Well done to Barry Schofield and John Taylor who completed the clean sweep 12/12

Overall winner was Pearl Houghton with 16 points, second John Taylor with 15 and third was Andy Miles on 14 Points.

The presentation was well attended and Greenlands Bowling Club did us proud with an excellent Buffet followed by Fresh Fruit Platters.

Our next internal competition “Twilight Pairs” will commence on Monday the 27th of June and run for 7 weeks. This will be the last competition on the old carpet as bowls will cease for a couple of weeks while our “NEW CARPET IS LAID”

This week the new Monday evening com and go league commenced 26 players attended and enjoyed a great evenings bowling, Qualifying for prizes is same as before ,must attend at least 6 times from 12 to qualify., Due to Pete being away now at the Europeans ,Roger Farrington will continue to run this for the next 12 weeks 5.45 for registration please.Watch this space.

We truly are, “The Club Moving Forward” on the Costas. 

2022-2023 Will see Greenlands Bowling Club, carry on making BIG changes. With a New Carpet confirmed around the 17th. August before the Winter Season, New Coloured Uniforms and a whole new selection Policy designed specifically to promote “Competitive Teams” and provide “Social Bowling” equally to all our members.

Membership is now more flexible and available for 3,6,7 or 12 Months. Non-residents can pay the 6-month price and split their membership into 2 periods of 90 Days.

We offer regular “Professional Coaching” to our members from any one of our 3 Internationally approved coaches and conduct structured coaching clinics covering all aspects of the game throughout the Year, the next scheduled one being “Head Building & Reading”.


All welcome to Saturday Morning roll up and Bottle drive, pay your green fees plus 1 euro for competition and your in.

New Bowlers wishing to try our sport contact John Rosati, Tel. 688 709 362  or Peter Bonsor  711 020 846, to ensure we have people there to look after you.

Chris Dewar