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A good final week in October for the Matadors with a good win against San Miguel Boxers 8 – 4 on points and 99 – 89 on shots. A very competitive match played in a good attitude by all the players of both teams.

A different start to November for the Matadors 8 – 4 defeat to Emerald Isle Moonrakers. The high light of the match was a hot shot by the Matadors team of Sheila Roberts, Tanya Oliver skip Phil Goble this means they scored with all nine bowls on one end, so well done to them and all the so far this season.


On Monday the Toreadors had a home match against Greenlands Beech and it turned out a very good day winning on all five rinks and the overall shots. Very well done to everyone and a special mention to our top winning rink with forty two shots, Sue Bounds, Yvonne Yarrow skip Neil Crawford. A good to be the Captain of the Toreadors.

Shots Toreadors 135 – 41 Beech

Points Toreadors 12 – 0 Beech


Monte Mar were away to San Luis on Wednesday with the game been shared three wins each. Well done to Pil Goble and Jean Chamberlain 29  to 13, Tanya Oliver and Jack Burrell 17 – 15, Neil Crawford and Lynne Armitage 25 to 19 with extra credit for a hot shot.

Shots Monte Mar 100 – 113 San Luis

Points Monte Mar 6 – 8 San Luis

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