Not the best of times for our league matches this week; San Luis 1½, weather 2½!!

South Alicante summer (??) league Monday 22nd SPITFIRE Div. SL Wellingtons were home to San Miguel Moors…we managed to avoid the rain, north of Torrevieja, and completed the match fully but unfortunately it was greatly affected by strong, gusty winds, making play difficult for everyone. As expected there were some close battles with twists and turns right to the very end, Wellingtons finishing 4 points – 8, 76 shots – 89. Winners: Janet Webb, June & Keith Jones 19-10, Bill Webb, Caroline & John Smyth 20-15.

HARRIER Div. SL Hercules should have played against the Bluebirds at Country Bowls but unfortunately the heavy rain further south, washed that match out, so it will have to be re-arranged.


Valencian Championship League Wednesday 24th. DIV A. Falcons; again the weather intervened and rain disrupted play. We started the match earlier but after just an hour of play the rain had changed from gentle to heavy and unplayable, so all scores were recorded and the matches will be replayed on Saturday 27th morning, commencing where they stopped – rain permitting of course!!

VCL. DIV B. Hawks; should have played away at Country Bowls v Foxes but this match was also cancelled due to the weather, to be replayed on Friday 2nd June.

Hopefully the rain has helped to boost the water supplies to the local crops, without doing too much damage to local houses, roads, beaches etc. In the meantime we wash our kit, dry out our shoes and hope we will soon be back on the green.

Sheila Cammack