Sometimes despite having many good shots in the head, the opposition play well enough to almost always have one closer or very close, hence scoring more than you and this can happen on every rink, particularly if they have the home advantage. So it’s possible to play well and come away without a point, but all that matters is that you have enjoyed the company; there are many more occasions to quench your thirst for blood if needed.

The Pintos were at Quesada playing their Pearls, who took the said 12 points, but we enjoyed the occasion having good fun.

The Raiders entertained the Seahawks of Country Bowls and put in a fine effort to take the rinks 3-2 and lost the overall shots by just 2. Gill Bartlett, Pam Harris and Brian Harris 19-11. Dolly Ford, Ann Abbott and Marion Haynes 17-11. David Baker, Debbie Ham and Adrian Ham 14-18. Tony Abbott, Ngaio Baldwin and Ron Greenstreet 25-13. Suzy Ziepe, Dave Haynes and Steve Ziepe 10-34.

Friday morning found the Broncos playing host to Country Bowls Cubs and played well to share the rinks two and a draw each and taking the shots by a margin of one, they don’t come closer than that.

In the afternoon the Mustangs were at Greenlands playing the Oaks and took one rink, losing a further rink by just one shot. But you are always up against good players in the ‘A’ division and it wasn’t a bad away result, you don’t have to play badly to lose. Irene Thomson, Bob Day and Eddie Thomson 8-23. Judy Foley, Geoff Jones and Diane Yates 8-33. Barbara Jones, Malc Sykes and Richard Lee 25-14. Ann Taylor, John Richard and Bob Taylor 14-15. Gary Dunstone, Sheila Cox and Mike Cox 8-25. With John Richards feeling a little unwell, he was graciously replaced by Henry Ryder.

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