Monday morning found the Pintos playing at Greenlands against their Maples, on a mat still heavy with the recent rainfall. As visitors we found the mat to be rather tricky, but the company was good and we enjoyed the match, rising above any frustrations.

However despite a couple of close matches, we came away without a point, but with our self esteem intact. Sheila Cox, Malc Sykes and Bob Taylor 9-27. Brian Harris, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 14-22. Lesley Day, Ngaio Baldwin and Pete Baldwin 10-20. Ann Taylor, Pam Harris and Bob Day 17-19.

Meanwhile the Raiders were entertaining Vistabella Eagles and did well in taking One rink and having a narrow defeat on another and we all know that playing for pleasure is far more important than the result.

On Friday morning, as all will know it was cold and windy, particularly on the hill at Vistabella which didn’t help the Mustangs in taking on a very strong Lanzadores. The smaller clubs will constantly struggle in this period of restrictions, to put out teams to match the availability of the larger clubs.

But hey it’s only a game and it will end, just take the situation with grace and hope that your play is ok. Not that it matters, just enjoy the company and exercise, both are good for us all. The Lanzadores gave the Mustangs a thrashing in taking 4 rinks and a large overall shot difference, but we survived to play again.

Meanwhile the Broncos were at home to another Vistabella team, the Conquistadores and played well to take two rinks, well done all. Bill Johnston, Sheila Millward and Dave Haynes 23-11. Sean Hoverd, Judy Foley and Marion Haynes 9-24.

Kevin Henry, Janet Wright and David Wright 9-26. Colin Fleming, David Baker and Jim Eastwood 19-9. Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at