Vic Slater

The installation of the new base, underlay and carpet was completed on Saturday 20th August and Vic Slater the owner of San Luis bowls club organised a Champagne reception on the Sunday for the members before the first club roll up on the new surface.

The Greengauge team Allan, Sam and Jackie
The Greengauge team Allan, Sam and Jackie

Jackie Breslin, Greengauge surfaces Spain, thanked Vic for entrusting the contract to Greengauge and  Jackie was confident that when the new carpet had been  “played in” that they will have provided one of the truest surfaces in the country.

Jackie had been on site every day, all day, overseeing the new concrete base carried out by Juan and his team and then during the installation of the underlay and carpet. “ It has been very rewarding being here during the installation, learning how a surface is laser levelled and I have to say that both teams worked brilliantly in extremely hot conditions.