On Monday the Oaks were at home to The Ash, Final score were – shots for 39, against – 45, Points for  – 3, against  – 5.Highest scoring rink for the Ash were – Brian Tomlin, Mary Lockley, skip Phil Lockley- 23-10

The Cedars were at home to the Beech, Final scores  –  Beech shots for – 42, Against – 37.  Points for – 4 against – 4. Highest scoring rink were – Paul Taylor, Linda Hier, skip Ken Barber, – 19 – 8.

A good turn out on Friday for the friendly pairs, Roy Thompson won the spider shoot out and received a bottle of brandy. Looking forward to playing inter club bowls again and meeting old friends, the wearing of masks outside due to start on 26th of this month, much to everyones relief Im sure.

All enquiries regards applying to join Greenlands Bowls Club please telephone Chris Dewar on 698418987.