Last Monday was the final day of our internal organised bowls. We had two leagues of 6 teams of 5 players, One of  4-2-2 where we had  teams  playing a rinks and then two pairs games, one normal and the other Australian.  The other league playing 3-2-1, that is, one game of trips, one of pairs and one of singles. All the games being of 8 ends.

The winners of the 4-2-2 league were :

Gary Thorpe, Peter Cadwell, Kath Reid, Alice Howe, Eric Bishop,

The league was closely contested with the winner’s  going into the last match with a 4 point lead,  the second place team of Martin Foulcer picked up in all three disciplines but Gary’s team winning by two shots

The winners of the 3-2-1 were:

Maggie Furness ,Freddie Willey, Neil Burrows,

Maggie’s team took an early lead and never relinquished it. Second place went to the team of:  Ian Kenyon, Alice Howe and Kath Reid

Last week during the break after the rinks game of the 4-2-2 league the monies raised by the Charity Fancy Dress and Fun Day were accepted by a very nice lady called Wynne who gave thanks and appreciation on behalf of PADS and Cancer Research.

Thanks again to Carol Thorpe for organising the leagues and tournaments throughout a most difficult season.  Hopefully I will be back in September for the start of a new season.

Vistabella Bowls Club is sponsored by:  Oneway Services, Serenity Insurance, Carpet Heaven.  The Handyman – Property Maintenance, Lisa James – Fitness Trainer, Pilate, Yoga,  J&M Property Installations & Maintenance Services.

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, and we are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain –Neil Burrows or Derek Howe  Membership Secretary derekthowe@gmail.con.  Reported by : Montestan