So here we go again; back on the green for the start of the winter season. Our first match of the South Alicante League, Enterprise Div on Monday 10th October was home against our near neighbours, La Siesta Apollos.

Unfortunately things didn’t go exactly to plan for SL Klingons; due to several circumstances completely outside of our control, which resulted in the Klingons suddenly unable to field a full team. This meant we had to concede 10 shots, so although the Klingons actually won the shots 72-63 that was amended to 72-73, points 4-8.

Our winners: Margaret & Neil Morrison, Caroline Smyth 16-11, Kath Reid, Scott Malden, Ian Kenyon 29-10. The Trekkers did not have a match this week.

Friday 14th Southern League, the Tigers were home v San Miguel Commanches & had some hard fought battles against some tough opponents, whilst also doing battle against nasty flying, biting insects!! Some of us didn’t fare too well on either account but thanks to our winners, with good shot differences: Dave Notely, John Dowell, Peter Baldwin 28-10, Chris Phillips, Dee Hoey, Keith Phillips 26-4, Tigers came out on top, 95 shots-82, sharing the points 6-6.

The Lions were away v Quesada Swallows but unfortunately did not have a good afternoon at the office; shots 77-114, 2 points-10. Well done to our winning team: Janet Webb, Keith Jones, Neil Morrison 24-14.

No need to panic, there’s a lot of matches ahead of us and hopefully next week will be a better week, health and bowling wise.

If you haven’t tried bowling, why not give it a go? Come and make new friends. It’s good steady exercise, mixing with other people. It can be challenging (but great when it goes well). You can just come along to Oasis San Luis, sit & have a drink & talk to members, or watch on Monday or Friday match days, or take part in the chicken drive on Saturday mornings (10:00/10:30) or contact Club Captain June Jones for more information: / 691 903 773.