For the second round of matches in the South Alicante league, Pearls had a bye in div 1.  In div 2, Diamonds had a home match against La Siesta Pioneers.  Although they lost 2 rinks to 3, superior overall shots difference by 74-71, meant that a 6-6 draw was the end result.  Well done – P Bottle, A Linley, T Voisey 22-8. C Skinner, P Farrell, G Skinner 22-11.  Rubies won away at La Siesta against Sputniks by a very impressive 10 points to 2, but alas I do not have details.

Fast forward to Friday’s Southern league, where Swallows were in action away at Country Bowls.  Once again, I haven’t details, but courtesy of the very impressive LLB website, I can reveal that Geckos beat Swallows 11-1.  Better news for our two 2nd div teams, especially Swifts who trounced El Rancho Mustangs (12-0) at home.

Winning quite convincingly on all 5 rinks, were this little lot – C Skinner, S Jakeman, G Skinner 16-11. T & J Brinton, P Bradbury 42-9. J Cleal, J Moss, T Lale 24-9. K Gordon, D Collings, A Reid 25-6. S Johnston, B & L Miller 21-16.  Finally, to complete this weeks roundup, Swans did well to secure a fine 8-4 victory at San Miguel.  Against the Navajos, 3 winning rinks, plus a superior shots difference of 84-79, resulted in a hard earned 8-4 victory.  Well played – C Bowles, B Elliott, K Bowles 17-13. D Benson, P Farrell, A Benson 20-8. H Olsen, P & B Rees 18-12.