San Luis Bowls Club Report 02.03.18.
San Luis Bowls Club Report 02.03.18.

It has been a busy time with 2 parties from golf resorts visiting Valle Del Sol, a large party from Sierra Golf and a regular contingent from Roda Golf came to our club recently to enjoy a game of bowls and some expert coaching from qualified coach John Simpson. 

Mixed results again for our teams this week playing teams from La Siesta on Monday at home and San Luis Pumas on Friday away.

With some great bowling from both teams La Siesta came out on top on Monday, winning on 4 rinks, losing on 2, resulting in an overall loss by 7 shots, points 4 for and 10 against.

Rink scores: Craig Dyson, Ben Noke, Dot Davies 15 – 9, Linda Freeman, Geoff Eggleston, Peter Dix 15 – 22, Ann Barrett, Ray Emmett, Les Turner 10 – 20, Joel Fernandez, Keith Holliman, Geoff Paylor 31 – 10, Jean Turner, Dave Smith, Gordon Dixon 15 – 16, Mike Davies, Gary Ponsford, Sandra Simpson 10 – 26

On Friday we travelled to San Luis Pumas again a very close game with some excellent bowling from both sides. This time it came down to the last end on one rink with the game tied, this time Country Bowls came out on top picking up a 3 to take the long game, winning on 3 rinks, losing on 3 rinks, resulting in overall win 101 shots to 98, points 8 for and 6 against.

Rink scores:   Lynne Bryce, Andy Bryce, Gary Ponsford 19 – 10, Geoff Eggleton, Dave Smith, Peter Robins 15 – 23,  Linda Freeman, Pat Emmett, Phil Warrington 13 – 16, Graham Richardson, Andy White, Les Turner 23 – 9, Ann Barratt, Ray Emmett, Geoff Paylor 10 – 31, Joel Fernandez, Jean Turner, Gordon Dixon 21 – 9

We are actively seeking new members, with this in mind the owners are offering free coaching on a Tuesday morning for the next 4 weeks and a taster membership for 3 months at 40 euro. Membership is now available for both 7 and 12 months or just pay and play on roll up days.

For further information view our new website for all the latest news or email President Peter Dix at