bo events: SAYING ‘THANK YOU’

Incentive travel is a unique way to show appreciation. They motivate employees, teams and customers in the long term.

They can also leave a much deeper impression than bonuses or one-time bonuses.

Cohesion and mutual recognition in the team, but also customer relationships play an important role in the working environment.

This is particularly evident in the age of digitization and the growing number of remote jobs.

“Under these circumstances, when communication is becoming more and more technical and  direct social contact is missing, the corporate culture and direct customer contact suffer.”

“Under these circumstances, it is sometimes very difficult to create a real team spirit or  develop a sense of solidarity.”

In this context, because the company has a clearly defined mission: to motivate teams and customers. In addition to organizing team building, CSR or networking events,  event specialists plan and manage effective incentive trips and offer companies a unique opportunity to build teams or say thank you to customers and employees.

There are almost no limits to the imagination here, as the event manager confirms: “We make almost every wish come true.

One day or five weeks? Eight participants or 2,000? Vietnam or Lake Constance? Yacht or island?

Do you race on the lake with self-made rafts? Relaxing truffle tour with wine tasting in Würzburg?

Or maybe a  ride to see a herd of giraffes at an African seaside resort? We will try to do almost everything so that the participants have the world and its larger sides at their feet.

Oh, and by the way, we only ever suggest experiences that we’ve tested ourselves.

Whatever the  incentive travel plan, one thing is undeniable for Boyarsky: “We are a full-service event agency out of conviction and out of passion.

And we know from personal experience about the energizing effect and  importance of shared and strengthening experiences for teams and customers.

The thing is, anyone can book an all-inclusive trip online. It doesn’t take much. Participants come and go.That’s all.

However, our individually designed incentive trips generate real experiences. Experiences and adventures that are closely linked to the company.

It’s an invaluable gesture that shows  participants: “We care about you, we’re glad you’re here.” Thank you, it couldn’t be any prettier, don’t you think?