Only 1 game on Monday, the Pathfinders had a bye so as last week’s report was written but not published, I would like to start with that if you don’t mind.


Monday 23rd and another full day’s bowling.  The Pathfinders at home in the morning and the Explorers away to Country Bowls in the afternoon.


We start with the Pathfinders who were at home against San Miguel Dolphins and got a very satisfactory 6 all draw.  The shots were very close at 78-82, so a home win was not so very far away.  Our 2 winning trips were, Trevor Hancock, Dave McGaw and John Rae with a narrow 18-17, and Dave & Lesley Joynes with Len Daniels who won 21-14.


Last week I said that afternoon games were not necessary our favourites, but the results seem to prove differently, our Explorers travelled down to Country Bowls Seahawks, and came away with a very respectable 8-4 win.  Our 3 winning trips were Steve Wright, Cliff Rawlinson, & Tom Spenser 20-11, Janet Parsons, Margaret MacLaughlin and Mike Stone 14-11, and Barbara Forshaw, Carol Smith and Alex Whyte 25-6, with a overall shots win of 89-75.


Monday 30th and our Explorers were at home to Quesada Diamonds, and gave a Magnificat 10-2 win, the shots difference was 108-74, and our top trip was Kath Manning, Wendy Latham and Peter Parsons 32-6.


Wednesday 1st February and it must be spring because our Birds have returned, but more about that next week.


Friday 3rd and the Seagulls were away at La Siesta to play their Blues which turned out to be white day for us.  We came away winning 8-4 with a overall shot difference in our favour of 99-84, it was nice to welcome back Irene Mangun after a long lay off where she skipped Dave & Lesley Joynes to a 27-19 victory.  Our other winners were Margaret Sadler, Trevor Stemp and Garth Slater 22-9, and Paul Tregoing, Trevor Hancock & Alex Maurice 18-15.


Meanwhile our Sharks were at home to Country Bowls, Ghekos and lost 4-8 although with a shot difference of just 5, (79-84), it could have gone either way, our 2 winning trips were, Anne Stone, Jim Reeves, Alex Whyte 26-9 and Barbara Foresaw, Marlyn Fryatt and Cliff Rawlinson 22-16.