No official league games this week, just Champion of Champions, but we did have a re-arranged fixture against El Rancho on Friday, our winning trips were Lesley Joynes, Martha Reynolds and Garth Slater 23-11, and Kath Manning, Paul Tregoing and Tom Spenser 20-10.  But the most exciting trip must have been Mo Taylor, Wendy Latham and Jim Reeves who drew 21 each.  The overall shot difference was 91-76 in our favour.

C 0f C started off with a mixed pairs win, with Anne & Mike Stone and a mixed 4’s loss of Lesley & David Joynes and Janet and Peter Parsons,  I am sorry I cannot give you the scores as I am only reading from the LLB web site.

Anne and Mike went on to win their next game to qualify for the semi-final.  Our Ladies Pairs of Irene Mangam and Maryln Fryatt have won through to the semi-final and our Men’s Pairs of Garth Slater and Alex Morrice have won their first 2 games to also get through to the semi-final.

Our Men’s singles of Don Fowkes unfortunately lost his first game as did Janet Parsons in the Ladies singles.  Our congratulations and commiserations go to our 3 semi-finalists but unfortunately, they did not qualify for the final.

Leaving bowls behind when I was a kid Good Friday was not aptly named it was the dullest and worst day of the year, but when work came along you realise that the night before (Maundy Thursday) was perhaps one of the best nights of the year as for most (even the night workers) there was no work in the morning, just hot cross buns.

This Maunday evening we had our monkey racing and I can assure you a great night was had by all those that came along.  The picture shows the photo shot, those cheeky devils demanded.