Hi all, Well the bad weather returned on Monday 4th April, Home in Division A the Hardy players of Vistabella  Fairways and San Miguel Christians  turned out and played the Minimum of 12 ends before the weather got too bad, with Vistabella Fairways just getting the better of San Miguel Christians.

Rosemarie Savage, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 12-4,

Lynne Bishop, Freddie Willey, Ian Kenyon 13-5,

Carol Thorpe, Paul Durham, Gary Thorpe 12-10,

Points 53-44. Points 8-4.

Wednesday 6th April in the VCL Division A, Vistabella Saxons were at Home to Emerald Isle Dukes, it turned out to be a very close match, with Vistabella just coming out on top,

Ladies Singles, Maggie Furness 8-21,

Men’s Pairs, Martin Foulcer 13-21,

Pairs, Tony French, Ian Kenyon 18-10,

Trips, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 23-11,

Rinks, Richard Willey, Denise Howell, Sue Wilson, Eric Bishop 13-11,

Shots 75-74. Points 8-4.