QBC President, Mark France, suggested to match Secretary, Sue Cooper, that it might be a good idea if a club mascot could be created.  Well, the knit & natter mogul only went and produced a life size creature didn´t she!

But, it doesn´t end there, oh no, because as a club fund raising exercise, a sheet comprising of 50 names for our cute gnome, will soon be available.  Members are invited to have a guess at our new mascots name at 1 euro per square, then a random generator will be used to reveal his name.  The lucky winner will go home with a bottle of brandy, kindly donated by Sue, whilst Mark has provided funds for Sue to bring the gnome to life.

Knowing my luck, I´ve got no chance of winning, especially if the fund-raising football scratch off cards are anything to go by.  Week after week, both Pompey & the famous Glasgow Rangers, have failed to earn me the cash prize, but I live in hope!

In their penultimate Div 1 match of the South Alicante league season, Pearls earned a satisfactory home 8-4 victory over La Marina. Well done – G Phillips, M France, Jason P 22-19. T Morgan, C Dye, I Forbes 15-13. B Trinder, T & M Ward 29-10.

Diamonds meanwhile, ventured to San Miguel, where they took on Orcas. Only the trips teams of C Skinner, P Farrell, G Skinner 23-8 plus K Gordon, D Collings, T Voisey 21-16, were victorious, in their 4-8 defeat.  But, with only 1 match remaining, they sit only 1 point off the top of div 2.  Watch this space!

Champagne corks were flying in all directions, as Rubies were deservedly crowned champions of div 3 by a massive 14 points. Their last match of the season saw them make the short trip to Greenlands, where they drew 6-6 against Beech.  Take a bow – T Brinton, F Houbrect, B Miller 25-8. S Johnston, D Gould, A Reid 22-12.

Swallows look to have secured A Div in Friday’ s Southern league, following an emphatic 10-2 triumph at La Marina.  Against the Sharks, here’s Swallows 4 winning rinks – C Lowry, T Ward, D Conlon 16-9. M & C Highland, P Morgan 17-13. B Trinder, V Campbell, F Roberts 32-7. T Morgan, C Dye, M Ward 24-11.

Swifts had a morning match at home to Emerald Isles Claymores, coming up trumps on 3 rinks, to earn a useful 8-4 scoreline.  Here’s the successful 3 sets of trips – J Cleal, M Holmes, F Houbrechts 15-14. S Johnston, B & L Miller 25-10. K Gordon, D Collings, A Reid 21-11.

Swans went into their afternoon home match against La Marina Seagulls, some 11 points clear at the top of Div B, but a 6-6 draw meant that lead has now been cut to 7 points.  With a bye next week, they must hope that they can cling onto top spot, especially as these 2 rinks were responsible for gaining 6 valuable points – H Olsen, P Bottle, T Voisey 21-10. C Bowles, D Gould, K Bowles 36-4.