Monday morning found the Raiders away to Quesada Rubies, the Raiders fielding one ring short. The Raiders found the Quesada mat a little difficult to adjust to, but had a couple of close rinks and some good play all round. In the end we came away without a point.

On Wednesday the Rowdies were at home to Country Bowls in the winter league and put in a good performance, sharing the rinks two each and taking the overall shots. Having lost the other two rinks by just one and two shots.

Ria Dukker, Lesley Day, Judy Foley and Bob Day 22-8. Bill Johnston, Ron Greenstreet, Derek Barker and Keith Longshaw 25-15. Sheila Cox, Mags Higgins, Diane Yates and Henry Ryder 17-18. Chris Ziepe, Ann Taylor, John Ziepe and Bob Taylor 15-17.

Friday morning, a windswept one at that, with occasional rain made for difficult bowls conditions, at Emerald Isle against the Claymores. Play was close with both teams having to adjust constantly against a wind changing in strength and direction.

In the end though the Claymores took all the rinks, which did not reflect the closeness of the play. Jean Giddings, Malc Sykes and Dave Giddings 14-20. Ann Taylor, Ron Greenstreet and Bob Taylor 11-27. Lesley Day, Judy Foley and Tony Abbott 15-18. Ann Abbott, Derek Barker and Diane Yates 11-19. Bill Johnston, Frances Johnston and Jim Eastwood 18-24.

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