The last winter season league matches have been played, congratulations to Southern League SL Lions and South Alicante League Voyager DIV SL Trekkers who both won their leagues. Monday 4th South Alicante League: SL Klingons won against Quesada Diamonds points 7-5 the overall shots were very close 70-65: Kath Reid/June Jones/Keith Jones 21/11. Mike Veale/Caroline Smyth/John Smyth 21/10. Dee Hoey/Margaret Morrison/Neil Morrison 16/16.

Winter league: Wednesday 6th San Luis had a tough match away v JC Collaborators, coming away with 2 points: Neil Burrows/Kath Reid/Sandra Burrows/Scott Malden 12/11. Winter league: Wednesday 13th San Luis won at home against Bonalba 8-2 the overall shots 70-62: Neil Burrows/Kath Reid/Sandra Burrows/Scott Malden 21/11. Mike Veale/Tricia Reilly/Florence Murphy/Dave Webb 20/17. Chris Jackson/Peter Ayres/Barbara Louis/Pat Reilly 17/14.

Friday 8th Southern League: SL Tigers had a tough match against EI Claymores, coming away with 2 points, winning rink: Bill Webb/ Florence Murphy/Jim Gracie 19/17. SL Leopards won against VB Conqistadors 8-4 the overall shots 76-64: Ray Watmough/Peter Baldwin/Barbara Louis 16/8. Judy Carroll/ Gordon Paton/David Blackie 25/8. Pauline Johnson/Kevin McKenna/Lyndon Johnson 18/15. SL Pumas won against MM Matadors 7-5 but just missed out on the overall shots 85-88: Lesley Howlett/Wayne Howlett/David Whitworth 20/15. Maggie Gray/Fran Cox/Mike Wyatt 20/17. Sue Kenyon/Neil Cox/Derek Biggs 17/17. Jim Gwynn/Terry Baylis/Maxine Wright 18/15.

If you want to find out more, or give bowling a try, come to our OPEN roll ups on Saturdays 9:30/10:00 or the Chicken/egg game Wednesdays 1:30/2:00.

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