Vistabella Bowls Report

By Lynne Bishop

A start of another bowling season and while some have taken a long break away from the greens others have been making a name for themselves in various competitions, only last week four of our new members Sue Kemp, Brian Zellin, Geraldine & Gordon Fisher claimed a place in the San Luis 4-2-2 Final, unfortunately they lost to Keith Jones team but very well done, that also goes to Mo & Martin Foulcer, Maggie Furness & Ian Kenyon who lost to Keith’s team in the Semi final.

I’d like to welcome all our new members who have just joined the club and wish them a happy & successful year.

The first of the Winter League campaign kicked off on Wednesday at Quesada and the less said about it the better as they suffered a 12-0 defeat. The Berleen team also came second…better things to come!

Southern League A. The first game saw the Lanzadores go head to head with our own Picadors, a friendly but competitive game with the Lanzadores coming out on top.

Sue Kemp, Sandra Burrows & Eric Bishop 38-12. Geraldine Fisher, StJohn Broadhurst & Ken Cuthbert 21-9. Lin Watkins, Sue Norris & Brian Zellin 21-13. Olwyn Ratcliffe, Arthur Brown & Maggie Furness 18-18.

Picadors, Kevin Hardy, Pat Ray & Carol Thorpe 19-17. Geoff Taylor, Dane Howard & Pat Rafferty 17-13. Mo Foulcer, Brian Ray & Martin Foulcer 18-18.

Shots, Lanzadores 128 (9) – 88 (5) Picadors.

Southern league C. Conquistadors away to Country Bowls Geckos. Two winning rinks & a drawn game. June Hitchcock, Stephen Guy & George Gandy 13-10. Rosemarie and Ken Savage & Avril Kendall 16-15. Ron Smith, Russ Hudson & Jim Harwood 18-18. Shots, VB 74 (5)- 116 (9) CB.