Twas a mixed bag of results for all involved in league bowling at QBC last week.  But, before we get to the nitty gritty, I must apologise to Andy Reid, for it was he and not Trevor Voisey, who skipped the triumphant club championship rinks side (they don’t even look alike for god’s sake!) recently.

Anyway, back to league business, where Pearls travelled to San Miguel for their South Alicante div 1 match.  Although G Phillips, M France, Jason P (17-13) plus C Brazier, T Morgan, P Morgan (18-10) were successful, the team went down 4-8.  In div 2, Diamonds faired a lot better in their home match against Emerald Isles Neptunes.

These 4 winning rinks, ensured that an excellent 10-2 victory was the outcome – K Gordon, D Collings, T Voisey 26-6. A Bowen, B Elliott, G Skinner 24-9. D Benson, P Farrell, A Benson 25-15. G Kershaw, P Bottle, D Conlon 22-11.  High flying Rubies suffered a slight blip over at Monte Mar, against the Matadors.  They went down 4-8, but these 2 rinks did manage to salvage some reward for their efforts – T Brinton, F Houbrecht, P Bradbury 16-14. C Bowles, D Gould, A Reid 25-13.

Fast forward to Friday’s southern league, where top of the table Swallows visited Vistabella to play the Lanzadores (?).  A superior shots difference, ensured that a satisfactory 7 points to 5, was the final outcome.  Well done – M & C Highland, P Morgan 21-10. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 15-15. T Morgan, C Dye, M Ward 18-12.

In div 2, Swans maintained pole position, following a hard fought 8-4 home victory over La Siesta Golds.  Get in there – C Bowles, D Gould, K Bowles 17-12. G Kershaw, P Farrell, A Benson 25-6. L Armstrong, P Bottle, T Voisey 19-18.

Also in div 2, Swifts ventured to nearby La Marina, where they came to a bit of a sticky end against Seagulls.  T Brinton, D Collings, P Bradbury 21-16 plus I Everett, V Slater, D Riley 15-15, were the scoring rinks, as the team went down 3-9.