Looking forward to welcoming visitors

As you have probably heard, a lot of work has been going on at “The Oasis” San Luis to prepare the site ready for opening. In the meantime San Luis Bowls Club is still running, with internal leagues planned for Mondays and different organised bowling activities for members on Fridays.

However we are pleased to announce that now the access to the green has been improved, our SATURDAY CHICKEN DRIVE will be OPEN to members from other clubs.

All players must be Federated and the usual green fee of 4€ applies to non SL members +1€ entry fee per person. Please arrive by 9:30 for a 10:00 start.

If you have any queries please contact Pete Ayres: pete.ayres1@gmail.com

Just as the weather is heating up, we are starting to think ahead to the winter season 2021/2022. With everyone being very careful about social distancing rules etc. + the fact that the majority of club members have had at least 1 vaccination (& most have now received their 2nd) I think we are all feeling much more positive about being able to bowl again in league matches.

The number of teams each club is planning to enter has to be notified to LLB by mid August so shortly people will have to make decisions about where they intend to bowl for the winter season.

Information for anyone who is considering joining us at San Luis:

SLBC Membership fees 2021/22                                   20€

12 months Green fees 1/9/21 – 31/8/22                       200€

7 months Green fees 1/10/21 – 30/4/22                       140€

+ FED fees                                                                  TBA

For non-resident players, limited to 90 days out of 180, membership is available for 3 CONSECUTIVE months. If the 90 days are split, then the 7 months Green fees would apply.

For further information please contact June Jones: 691903773 email: keithjones81@hotmail.com

In the past year we have sadly lost many bowling friends from different clubs, characters who can never be replaced and we have been lucky to have know them.

Keeping ourselves safe from Covid has often kept us away from friends. Some of us have been away from bowling for quite a few months, so we’re really looking forward to meeting up with old & new friends on the green. Take care, and hope to see you very soon.

Sheila Cammack.