This week has been a really good one for San Luis Bowls Club players. On Thursday 2nd we faced Quesada in the semi-final of the Premier 20 Knockout Tournament. Because of the different format and different elements, the overall result can go down to the last shot in either place and our players certainly did not give up. Winning 9 points-7, 156 shots-133.

At home San Luis had some really close nip & tuck matches Singles: Neil Morrison 20-21, pairs: Kath Reid & Ian Kenyon 19-19, Triples: Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 24-8, Rinks: Giuseppe Galelli, Ralph Jones, Derrick Cooper, Dave Webb 22-24. Result 3 points-5, 85 shots-72.

Away at Quesada, San Luis had a great result, Singles: Bill Webb 21-16, Pairs: June & Keith Jones 13-20, Triples: Dee Hoey, Caroline & John Smyth 19-10, Rinks: Jane Hamill, Tricia & Pat Reilly, Stewart Hamill 18-15. Result 6 points-2, 71 shots -61.

South Alicante League, Enterprise Div. (A) Monday 30th January; Klingons were away in the afternoon, at Vistabella. Fortunately for us the Albatross was a symbol of good luck as we had an excellent result against the league leaders; 8 points-4, 87 shots-76. Winners: Sheila Cammack, Vic Mahomet, Neil Morrison 17-15, Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 18-11, Mary Lockley, Caroline Smyth, Ian Kenyon 31-10.

Voyager Div. (C) Trekkers had a tough morning at home v Quesada Rubies, 2 points- 10, 79 shots -101. Winners: Bill Webb, John Bagnall, Dave Webb 22-16.

Southern League (Div A) on Friday 3rd our Lions had a very good result away v Greenlands Cedars, 10 points-87, 99 shots-87. Winners: Margaret Morrison, Mary Lockley, Neil Morrison 23-16, Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 35-8, Kath Reid, Caroline Smyth, Ian Kenyon 20-19, Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 14-12.

Southern League (Div C) the Tigers also had a very good result, home v Greenlands Elms, 10 points-2, 99 shots-61. Winners: Kevin McKenna, Sheila Cammack, Vic Mahomet 21-9, Jane Hamill, Cas Blay, Stewart Hamill 24-9, Chris Jackson, Ngaio and Peter Baldwin 20-12, Dave Notely, Barbara Louis, Barry White 20-15.

If you want to find out more about San Luis BC, come along to Oasis SL & talk to members; we’re a friendly bunch! or take part in the chicken drive on Saturdays (10:00/10:30) or contact Club Captain June Jones for more information:

Sheila Cammack