Founded in May 1998, Quesada bowls club is currently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, being very much in the ascendancy. with a celebratory event being planned for 2 December this year, when both old and new members can raise a glass to the success of QBC.

Our membership this year has noticeably increased, courtesy of an influx of novices, plus many experienced bowlers arriving from other clubs.

We can also boast a brand new carpet, which was laid by two expert fitters from a Dales, Stephen Foddering and Mick Thorn, who flew out from the UK during the last two weeks of August.

Tina Brinton rolling the first wood on the new green

At the opening of our new green, the club president, Mark France, watched as life members Joe & Tina Brinton rolled the first woods, along with one of the club’s longest serving members, Brian Trinder.

Joe is also our oldest member, having reached the grand old age of 92.

We were also delighted to have the club owner, Santi Scannaliato, on hand, to celebrate the occasion with us.

The Club Committee

The old carpet was 10 years old, and well overdue a top quality replacement.

We are fortunate to have experienced builders as members of the club, for Andy, Dave & Chris, along with numerous helpers, have totally transformed the image of the club in recent months.

In addition to tiling the exterior wall, they have constructed wooden benches, as well as rectifying the many maintenance problems that may have occurred.

Recently, Quesada Bowls Club has not only been successful in winning various league titles, but it’s members have also won numerous discipline events in both National, Valencian and Champion of Champions tournaments.

In fact, we have had the honour of hosting all these tournaments at various times over the 25 years of our being.

The Dales fitters with the Bowls Club maintenance team

For those members / non members who prefer a less competitive life style, there is a friendly bubbly roll up on Tuesday mornings, also a chicken drive on Saturdays.

Our non members club house also provides shoes and bowls for hire.

In the past, Quesada Bowls Club was the home venue for the Spanish national team, but in recent years it simply plays host to the International Squad with many of it’s own members gong on to represent Spain at one time or another.

From September we will also be the new home of  The Legionairres, with many of them becoming members of QBC.

They will be joining us following the closure of La Siesta Bowls Club, using the green on Thursday and Saturday afternoons.