Saturday 25th February Vistabella held their first of their 2 Finals Weekends,

Winners of the Mixed Rinks were:  Freddie Willey, Steve Baxter, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe,

Winners of the Mixed Pairs were: Sue Kemp & Martin Foulcer,

Sunday 26th February, Winners of the Club Singles, Men’s Champion Martin Foulcer and Ladies Champion Maggie Furness.

Monday 27th February, Vistabella Albatrosses Division A, were at Home to Greenlands Maples, Winning on only 1 Rink, Sue Kemp, Barbara Brown, Brian Zelin 13-8, Shots 62-84. Points 2-10.

Vistabella Drivers Division B, Were Away to Country Bowls Seahawks, Winning on 3 Rinks, Steve Baxter, Derek Howe, Brian Pointon 17-9, Frank Barclay, Steve Wilson, Derek Stevenson 15-10, Hillary James, Sue Wilson, Alan Bannister 20-15, Shots 79-85. Pts 6-6.

Vistabella Eagles Division C, were at Home to San Luis Trekkers, Winning on 3 Rinks plus Drawing the Shots, Julia Clarke, Peter Westwood, Sheila Westwood 16-15, Jill Wyatt, Avril Kendall, Freddie Willey 15-13, Peter Cadwell, John Ridley, Paul Durham 30-10, Shots 86-86. Points 7-5.

Wednesday 1st March, Vistabella in the Winter League were at Home to 2023 Champions Greenlands Warriors, Winning on 2 Rinks and just missing out on the Shots, Freddie Willey, Alice Howe, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 25-8, Steve Baxter, Derek Howe, Richard Lee, Maggie Furness 16-14, Shots 56-57. Points 4-4.

Friday 3rd March, Vistabella Lanzadores Division A, were Away to Greenlands Cedars, Winning on 4 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink, Sue Kemp, Mo Foulcer, Brian Zelin 19-16, Richard Lee, Maggie Furness, Eric Bishop 13-13, Geraldine Fisher, Barbara Brown, Gordon Fisher 21-20, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 26-6, Arthur Brown, Stuart Allman, Brian Dunn 25-8, Shots 104-63. Points 11-1.

Vistabella Picadors Division B, were Away to El Rancho Mustangs, Winning on 3 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink, Frank Barclay, Steve Wilson, Derek Stevenson 21-14, Hillar James, Sue Wilson, Alan Bannister 16-16, Ron Smith, John Goddard, Alice Howe 31-16, Steve Baxter, Norman Stephens, Derek Howe 26-10, Shots 111-78. Points 9-3.

Vistabella Conquistadors Division C, were Home to La Siesta Silvers, Winning on 3 Rinks plus the Shots, Julia Clarke, Peter Westwood, Sheila Westwood 36-7, Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage, Keith Black 22-16, Peter Cadwell, John Ridley, Alan Gordon 18-10, Shots 98-80. Points 8-4.