Titans began the week in great style with a fantastic 8-2 Aggregate 93-51 win at San Luis Klingons,    P Coffey S Marks R Marks 39-5, L Ponsford C Smyth J Smyth 22-12, D Jones S Elvin A M Gerrard 18-17

Neptunes slipped up at home to La Marina Explorers by 3-7 Aggregate of 61-70, M Ellis J Bright K Jolliffe 18-17, G Dyer S Johnson J Mulloy 14-14

Moonrakers played at La Marina Pathfinders and lost 1-9 Aggregate 40-81, R Adams C Wilson P Willicott 14-14

Wednesday brought Greenlands to the Isle in the Winter League clash and the home team came out on top of the game with an 8-2 Aggregate of 68-49 win

Cavaliers played at home against La Siesta Blues and had a fine win by 8-2 Aggregate of 100-59, A M Gerrard C Smyth J Smyth 32-5, P Coffey S Elvin J Pering 26-14, L Ponsford G Ponsford J Pooley 18-12

Claymores played at home against La Manga Crusaders and had a great 10-0 aggregate of 101-37, J Mulloy G Odell M Odell 29-10, G Dyer S Johnson Ian Grimshaw 23-4, B Taylor B Smith K Soderlund 25-10, C Thomas B Eldred M Thomas 24-13

Outlaws travelled to San Luis Tigers and lost 4-6 Aggregate of 59-70, M Peaper  J Ball M Willicott 18-8, K Alderson K John  E Sheppard 20-11