On Monday morning the Pintos entertained San Miguel Beagles, the match starting with a strong wind, but becoming milder as time went on. It proved to be a very close match with rink results depending not only on how we played, but also as always how your opponents played.

In the end 2 rinks were drawn and each team took one rink, with the Beagles taking the overall shots by just one shot. A fine morning’s bowls all round.

Meanwhile the Raiders were at Greenlands playing their Beech and although they came away without a point, though most of the matches were only just out of reach.

Friday morning found the Broncos entertaining Greenlands Elms and despite a strong wind that made accuracy difficult for both teams, the Broncos took advantage of the home mat to take 3 rinks and draw the other and the overall shots.

A good result and very good play all round. Brian Gilham, Jim Eastwood and Dave Haynes 18-12. David Baker, Ron Greenstreet and Judy Foley 28-5. Kevin Henry, Janet Wright and David Wright 18-14. Sheila Millward, Dolly Ford and Marion Haynes 16-16.

In the afternoon the Mustangs played host to La Marina Sharks with both teams playing well, though we all saw many a shot fail to come in against the wind or dash under the jack. But we had a good match, La Marina are always an enjoyable opponent, with both teams taking two rinks and the Mustangs the overall shots.

Sheila Cox, Malc Sykes and Mike Cox 22-13. Brian Harris, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 27-4. Lesley Day, Ngaio Baldwin and Pete Baldwin 11-13. Ria Dukker, Pam Harris and Bob Day 18-23.

Bowlers of all levels are welcome at El Rancho, for further membership information contact Sheila Cox at micksheilacox@gmail.com