Emerald Isle took on La Marina in the Prem 20 competition and came out on top by 13  to 3, winners were HOME   Jo  Perrin  Julian Perrin 22-14    ,S Bosworth G Shoots B Kavanagh 36-9

S Kavanagh P Coffey J Pooley 21-9, AWAY  D Morrison 21-4, S Marks  R Marks 24-11, A Miles  C Smyth J Smyth  22-12   P Rhodes A M Robertson C Lindgren  14-14

Titans played at La Siesta Apollos on Monday and had a great 11-1 aggregate of 101-73  win, winners were L Freeman C Smyth J Smyth 24-11, S Johnson G Odell M Odell 18-11, S Bosworth S Marks R Marks 20-16, D Jones A Miles C Lindgren  19-15, P Coffey K Jolliffe D Morrison drew 20-20 all

Neptunes entertained La Marina Pathfinders and they had a close 7-5 aggregate 92-86 win with  A Brown S Westall J Westall 28-11, J Bright T Dix S Elvin 19-15  M Riley B Eldred J Mulloy drew 17 -17 all

Moonrakers were at La Marina Explorers where they lost 2-10 with an aggregate of 72 –101 winners were I Graham G Digby G Shoots 18-15

We travelled up to Bonalba for Winter League game and had a brilliant 14-0  with aggregate of 146-67 winners were S Verity C Lindgren 30-6    Jo and Julian Perrin 27-8   C and J  Smyth  24-7       S and R M arks  25-13  P Coffey A Miles21-16  G Shoots B Kavanagh 19-17

Celtic Isle played at home against Greenwoods Willows and slipped to a defeat  by 5-9 aggregate  was shared at 109-109 winners were E Morris S Elvin 29-13   T Dix J Bright 19-15

On Friday the Claymores travelled to play Vistabella Picadores and came away with a terrific 10-2 aggregate of 84-73 win, the winners were E Morris J Taylor E Bennett 18-11     ,,L Vincent C Thomas S Elvin 19-13, A Brown S Westall  J Westall 19-15    M Riley B Eldred J Mulloy 16-14

Due to the sudden passing of Harry Rhodes the home games on Friday were cancelled in respect to Harry and Peta and their family. Harry was a long standing bowler in the area, a true character and he will be sadly missed R.I.P HARRY