Monte Mar Toreadors recover from setbacks
Monte Mar Toreadors recover from setbacks


On Monday The Pintos were entertained by Emerald Isle Neptunes and a scorching morning it was too. We were up against a strong team, with a mat that can be a little tricky for the unwary, as many are. But the play was good and the atmosphere friendly as always. We came away with just the one rink, though that is no reflection on the teams play.

In the afternoon The Broncos travelled to Vistabella to play their Eagles, an away fixture is always tough and is made more difficult by very good opponents. They were certainly not shamed in coming away with the one rink, several being close.

Friday morning found The Raiders playing host to Montemar Toreadores and a splendid morning it was, great weather and even better company. All played well with The Raiders taking 4 rinks and the overall shots, with one rink only losing by just the one shot, a really good result all round. Edward Elsam, Tricia Elsam and Shirley Edwards 15-16. Peter Blackburn, Malc Elmore and Keith Longshaw 32-7. Pam Harris, Brian Yates and Brian Harris 18-13. Ngaio Baldwin, Terry Buswell and Gary Newson 11-36. Iain MacMaster, Dave Haynes and Rob Clark 19-14. Bob Easthope, Graham Day and Richard Needham 20-11.

Friday afternoon brought a visit from La Marina of The Dolphins, who are always a pleasure to play, regardless of the bowls. Although many of the results belied the nearness of the matches, The Mustangs took all the rinks and hence the overall shots. But the home mat is always an advantage, particularly when we have changing temperature and cloud cover.  Judy Foley, Keith Cunningham and Geoff Jones 26-11. Barbara Jones, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 29-18. Jim Taylor, Irene Thomson and Eddie Thomson 26-9. Ann Taylor, Malc Sykes and Jim Gracie 19-12. Maxine Wright, David Whitworth and Rod Wright 36-12. Henry Ryder, Jan Bright and Richard Lee 38-9. For membership details contact Brian Taylor on 965077093 or  at or Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at



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Monday 31st October – Monte Mar Toreadors v Country Bowls Flamingos

A tough and close match played out in glorious weather with both teams winning on three rinks it came down to shots. Which were equally close with the Toreadors winning 97 – 93 Country Bowls. Toreadors 8 points 6 points Flamingos 6 points.

Monte Mar Matadors v Greenlands Maples – Winning on three rinks well done to Sue Kemp, June Young, Skip Brian Zelin 20 – 13. Geraldine Fisher, Harry Dobson, Skip Gordon Fisher 19 – 15. Ethal Finan, Val Hignett, Skip Tony Finan 19 – 13. Shots Matadors 98 – 96 Greenlands. Points Matadors 8 – 6 Greenlands.

Wednesday November 2nd.  Winter League

Monte Mar away to San Luis although Monte Mar fought hard the end result was not good. Shots Monte Mar 65 – 94 San Luis. Points Monte Mar 0 – 12 San Luis.  After a disappointing result we all enjoyed laugh and a lovely meal with good company.

Friday 4th November – Monte Mar Matadors v Vistabella Lanzadores.

Winning on two rinks well done to Geraldine Fisher, Harry Dobson, Skip Gordon Fisher 17 – 9. Keith Simpson, Mike Farrelly, Skip Bill Young 24 – 11. Shots Matadors 100 – 108 Vistabella. Points Matadors 4 – 10 Vistabella.

Monte Mar Toreadors v El Rancho Raiders – The Toreadors had another difficult day at El Rancho despite some good bowling we only managed to win on two rinks. Well done to the winning rinks of Wendy Sheridan, Pauline Woodfine, and Skip Barrie Woodfine and Cliff Norris, Joun Hunt and Skip Bill Webster. Points Toreadors 4 – 10 Raiders. Shots Toreadors 97 – 115 Raiders.

For further information about Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club check out our website or email us at We are also on Facebook.


Sunday saw the Prem 20 KO take place against Vistabella. The home game finished with  EI winning 5- 3  and a aggregate of 89-56 ,,and away game EI 6-2,and a aggregate of  76-78, hence EI took the game  by  11-5 and aggregate of  165-134, great result. EI now await winners of Greenlands v  Finca Guila

Monday the Emerald Isle Neptunes played host to El Rancho Pintos and came out on top by 12-2 and also in the morning the EI Saturns played away at La Siesta Pioneers, the home team taking the game 12-2 and the aggregate of 118-87

The Titans where away at La Marina Pathfinders. In what looked like a tough game the outcome was a home win 111-105 with a 3-3 end in game.

The Winter league took EI to La Marina on Wed and the Isle came away with a good win 9-3 and an aggregate of 99-76,but the home team took the Berleen game 21-18

Friday saw the Cavaliers playing at home against Vistabella Picadors in the morning and they had a good win 12-2 with the aggregate being 133-81

In the afternoon game the Claymores entertained La Marina Seagulls with the outcome being a 11-3 win for the Claymores and a aggregate of  108-81

The Outlaws travelled to Greenlands Cedars and suffered a 10-4 defeat

The Roundheads were at Horadada Royals with the result being a resounding home win  14-0 and an aggregate of 69-154


In the Enterprise Division the Maples were away to MonteMar Matadors, After a very close game the final result was……Total shots for – 96.  Total shots against – 98.  Points for – 6.  Points against – 8.

In the Discovery Division the Sycamores away to San Luis Romulans and came away with a good result. The final score was …Total shots for – 115.  Total shots against – 89.  Points for – 10.  Points against – 4.

In the Winter League we were at home to Benitachell bowls club, Final score was…………Total shots for – 96.  Total shots against – 85.  Points for – 8.  Points against – 4. In the Southern League, Greenland cedars were at home to Emerald Isle Outlaws. Final score was – Total shots For – 124.  Total shots against  – 113. Points For – 10.  Points against – 4 Highest scoring rink was — Heather Meston, Jim Mclean, skip, Frank Saunders. In the Southern League the Oaks were away to San Luis Tigers, Final score was – Total shots for – 116. Total shots against – 100.  Points for – 9.  Points against – 5. Highest scoring rink was …..Brian Tomlin, Jim Wilcock, skip Barry Collins.


On Saturday we had the second leg of the Friendship Shield against Monte Mar.  They won the first leg and we won the second which gave us an overall win by 13 shots. Well done us.  We had a lovely visit on Sunday from a Mojacar touring team with the Club winning overall and a lovely meal provided by Louisa and her team with many friendships forming. A very good morning for all involved with the right result provided by a friendly LMBC team playing in the spirit of bowls.

In the Enterprise League the Explorers jumped up into third place after beating San Luis Trekkers 14 – 0. Well done to all rinks.

Pathfinders had a great game versus Emerald Isle Titans winning 8 – 6.  Winter League saw us still struggling but we did get one point extra this week as we only lost 9 – 3 to Emerald Isle.   The Berleen team did well and won but only just and the winning skip was once again, Barry Sadler. (Still on his run.)

At the lovely meal afterwards the engagement of Ann-Marie Stevenson to Drew Gerrard was announced.

Thursday saw the prestigious Premier 20 played. Unfortunately all 4 rinks lost over at Quesada but it was much closer at home, winning 3 of the 4 and the losing rink lost by one shot. So we wish Quesada the best of luck in the next round.

The Dolphins swam over to El Rancho only to find the Mustangs in mighty form and sank beneath the waves with all rinks losing.

The Seagulls for once didn’t fare that well away at Emerald Isle where Claymores thrust and cut them to pieces with an 11 – 3 score line. BUT the Sharks came on song and easily beat a Mazarron side by 12 – 2.


The Apollos go top of the league with a 10-4 win away at San Luis Comets. Top Spot this week goes to Barbara and Jack Cooper with Irene Mangan winning by 25-10  closely followed by Dawn Taylor, Pat Moore and Brian Fraser winning 22-12.

Good news too for the Pioneers winning at home against Emerald Isle Saturns by 118-87 giving a 12-2 scoreline. Top rink went to Dennis Andrew, Penny Porter and Roy Millward winning 21-11 closely followed by Jean James, Gordon Dall and John Porter with a scoreline of 23-15.

The Winter League team entertained the always strong Javea Green and it was the visitors that triumphed by 3 rinks to 2 with a scoreline of 79-105.Points 4 to La Siesta and 8 to the visitors. The winning rinks for La Siesta were Penny Porter, Tony Campbell, Tony Dalton and Pat Reilly 29-7 and Irene Laverick, Jean Hepehi, yours truly and Harold Charleton who played an immense game at skip.

The Blues took the long trip to La Manga with an understrength team with several squad members being unavailable. This was reflected in the result of a whitewash defeat by 43 shots to 175.

The Golds entertained near neighbours San Luis Pumas. Top Rink for the Golds went to Gordon Dall, Rab Logan and John Clarke winning 34-9. Four further rinks won with narrow scorelines bringing an overall victory to La Siesta by 122 shots to 100 and achieving victory by 12 points to 2.


Again a mixed week but some better results for our teams, hopefully we can keep moving forwards.

South Alicante Winter Triples: Monday 31st October, Enterprise Division (A) SL Klingons home v SM Pulsars; once more some close games, but a good result 11pts-3, 131 shots-84. Winners: Steve Simmons, Sabrina Marks, Russell Marks 32-9 Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 23-11, Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 22-15, Janet McEneany, Ray Clarke, Peter McEneany 14-14, Kath Reid, Keith Phillips, Phil Morrachan 26-13. SL Trekkers away v La Marina Explorers, had a frustrating morning against a strong team points 0-14, shots 75-142.

Vic Slater the propetor of San Luis Bowls Club
Vic Slater the proprietor of San Luis Bowls Club

Discovery Division (C) SL Romulans, home v GL Sycamores, had a better result this week: 4pts-10, shots 89-115. Winners: Pat Baylis, Margaret Clarke, Ken Dullaway 24-10, Kath Waywell, Chris Phillips, Ray Watmough 17-15.

Winter League: Wednesday 2nd November home v Monte Mar. A real nip and tuck match but we finished with an excellent result; 12 points-0, 94 shots-65. Well done to: Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison, June & Keith Jones 25-12, Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Jules Pering, Russell Marks 20-11, Ann Holland, Keith Phillips, Scott Malden, Sabrina Marks 17-15, Irene Everett, Lynne Morris, Peter McEneany, Tom Hill 14-13, Kath Reid, Sheila Cammack, David Blackie, Brian Pocock 18-14.

The Berleen team, after several close finishes, so far with no points, this week had a good result: Steve Simmons, Jo Pering, Vic Slater, Barry Edwards 25-20, taking the 2pts.

Friday 4th November, LLB Southern League Division A: SL Lions had a good result at home v current top of the league Quesada Swallows; shots 108-89, pts 10-4 Winners: Ray Clarke, June & Keith Jones 15-10, Janet McEneany, Sheila Cammack, Peter McEneany 19-14, Kath Reid, Keith Phillips, Phil Morrachan 29-9, Ann Holland, Ray Pollock, Dave Blackie 19-11.

SL Tigers were home v GL Oaks and had a better result this week; points 5-9, shots-100-116. Margaret & Barry Roseveare, Les Bedford 22-16, Doug & Fay Beattie, Peter Fuller 25-8, Pat Malden, Marina Beardsall, John Malden 16-16.

Division C: SL Pumas had a tough game away at La Siesta v Golds; points 2-12, shots 100-122. Well done to: Margaret Stephens, Terry Baylis, Robin Harker 28-9.

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Sheila Cammack.


The Pulsars expected a hard game at San Luis against the Klingons, but managed to come away with 3 points!!  Well done to Eileen McLaren, Tom Dalgleish, Eddie Cowan who won 22-14 and Pat McEwan, Bill Knight, Dave McEwan who drew 14 all.

The Winter League played Finca Guila gaining 6 points, with some very close games.  The three losing teams all lost on the last end!!  Winning teams were William Holtham, Reg Cooper, Linda Plaisted, Len Rudge 20-11:  Carol Rudge, Dave Greenland, Lee Sinclair, Lynn Greenland 26-10. Cliff, Val, Stuart H, Chris 17-18.  Total shots 98 to San Miguel, 80 to Finca Guila.

A brilliant result for the Jaguars against Country Bowls Geckos, winning 11 points to 3.  Well done to Jan Farmer, Ron Nairey, Paul Thomas 25-16:  Pat McEwan, Keith Green, Dave McEwan 20-17:  Ken Hope, Nancy Campbell, Gary Raby 32-5:  Eileen McLaren, Eddie Cowan, John Raby 33-7:  Sue Milner, Janet Thomas, John Staden 16 across.  Total shots 139 to San Miguel, 79 to Country Bowls.

The Cougars did well at Quesada winning 106 shots to 95.  Sheila Errington, Joe Getgood, Brian Errington 32-5:  Meg Brownlee, Peter Ross, Bob Donelly 15-10:  hard lines to Jack, Maureen, Barbara losing by one shot!!.  6 points to San Miguel, 8 to Quesada.

No further results received.

Club mornings are very well supported, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday 0945 for 1015.

WASPS on Wednesdays afternoons are also very popular, come along at 1.30, 5 euros for shoes, woods and tuition if required.  Suitable for bowlers of all abilities.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club, please contact the President, Eileen Potts, telephone 966730376 or Secretary, Pat McEwan, telephone 966714257.


S.A.L Enterprise League Albatrosses at home to Quesada took a bit of a pounding and lost on four rinks, another bad day at the office for this team…better things to come! The winning rinks were L Bishop, T French & M Furness 23-10 and S Burrows, C Watkins & B Pain 23-13. Shots, VB 99 (4) – 113 (10) Q.

The Drivers were away against San Miguel Meteors, they won on two rinks, winning teams were J Chaplin, S Norris & I Kenyon 21-14 and F Barclay, B Ewart & G Thorpe 20-9. Shots, VB 98 (4) – 111 (4) SM.

Voyager league Eagles were flying high with a fantastic home win, top marks against the El Rancho Broncos. D Harwood, J Hitchcock & J Harwood 29-7. D Graham, J Bagwell & P Bagwell 28-14. S Cox, P Cadwell & M Cox 21-9. L Prockter, T Sambrook & B Prockter 16-13. R Smith, G Gandy & D Stevenson 20-17. R Savage, K Savage & A Kendall 19-16. Shots, VB 133 (14) -76 (0) ER.

Winter League. A great result from our home game against Bonalba, four winning rinks and the long game. L Watkins, S Burrows, E Bishop & B Pain 26-6. J Chaplin, A Leggatt, M. Regan & M Furness 24-5. L Bishop, B Brown, J Bowman & A Brown 20-10. B Regan, B Norris, C Watkins & P Whitehall 13-9. Shots, VB 97 10) – 50 (2) Bonalba.

Vistabella won the Berleen, well done S Jenkins, B Ewart, P Tomkins & D Jenkins 25-7.

Southern A League Lanzadores were away to MonteMar Matadors, a very competitive game ending with the Lanzadores coming out on top with four winning rinks and the long game. D Howard, N Burrows & E Bishop 26-11. O Ratcliffe, C Watkins & A Brown 27-19. L Bishop, B Brown & P Whitehall 20-15. J Chaplin, SJ Broadhurst & I Kenyon 15-14. Shots, VB 108 (10) – 100 (4) MM.

A League Picadors were hit hard by the Cavaliers at the Emerald Isle, a match they would rather not talk about. They lost on all but one rink, at least they didn’t come home empty handed, winning team was K Hardy, S Norris & M Foulcer 19-18. Shots, VB 81 (2) – 133 (12) EI.

C Division Conquistadores had a bye.

Premier twenty v Emerald Isle. Vistabella won the Pairs & drew the Rinks at home and won the Rinks away at the Isle, sadly that’s the end of the road.

Vistabella are offering new bowlers a free morning of bowling on a Saturday morning with an hour of tuition

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