Horadada Bowls Club  by  Barry Evans
Horadada Bowls Club  by  Barry Evans

Horadada Bowls Club   by Barry Evans

We have played two matches in the South Alicante league this year. The first was a game rearranged from last year, at home against San Luis Romulans. San Luis played with a rink short and we managed to win on all other rinks giving us 14 points and a shot difference of 138 to 53. Our winning rinks were,

Jenny Davis, John Bailey and Wayne Jackson 29 – 7, Yvonne Hurlock, Les Davis and John Hurlock  22 – 12, Irene Graham, Bryan Eatough and Roy Thompson  25 – 12, Peter Davis, Linda Hier and Jeff Hier  26 – 11, Judith Simpson, Fred Trigwell and Barry Evans  26 – 11

On Monday we were back to the scheduled fixtures with a home game against La Siesta Pioneers. Things did not go as well and we picked up 6 points in a 99 to 117 defeat. Our winning rinks were, Yvonne Hurlock, Les Davis and john Hurlock  23 – 9, Jenny Davis, Roy Collins and Terry Huchnall  19 – 18, John Goddard, Bryan Eatough and Roy Thompson  19 – 18

On Thursday we played our first Federated 4’s match away ay Country bowls.  The points finished even on 4 apiece with us winning on one rink by a big enough score to win overall by 60 shots to 49.Well done to our rink of, Linda Hier, Les Davis, Wayne Osguthorpe and Jeff Hier  31 – 11.

Friday saw us restart the Southern league with a home game against Greenland Oaks. We managed to chop them down to size with a 113 shots to 89 win, winning 10 points.

Our winning rinks were, Jack linehan, Jeff Hier and Barry Evans  25 – 8, Carol Linehan, Terry Hucknall and Wayne Osguthorpe  20 – 14, Pat Patton, Alan Miller and Brian Patton  22 – 10, Yvonne Hurlock, Mick Kirby and John Hurlock  22 – 13

Special mention must be made of Wayne Osguthorpe as this was his first skipping role.

All in all not a bad week so keep it up Horadada.