South Alicante Summer League – Vistabella Fairways v San Miguel Moors

Vistabella welcomed our friends from San Miguel on a beautiful morning. All five triples were very close games with Denise Howell/Eric Bishop/Maggie Furness winning 19-16, Derek Howe/Stuart Allman/Brian Dunn also winning 14-12 for Vistabella. Total scores at the end were 81pts each. So the final result was a win for San Miguel 7pts – 5pts.Well done everyone.

VCL summer league – San Luis Falcons v Vistabella Saxons

Always a lovely visit to see our friends at San Luis. Two singles/pairs/triples/fours. The mens singles was a hard fought win by Martin Foulcer 21-19 for Vistabella.

Pairs was a comfortable win with Gary Thorpe/Richard Willey 20-12 and our fours Keith Black, Paul Durham/Alan Bannister/Eric Bishop also a good result 19-12.

Points go to San Luis 88-77 so end result was a draw 6pts each. Great game played in a friendly atmosphere.

Vistabella bowls contact: Richard Willey – Tel: 698 925 932